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Why KekeAds

Reasons why you should advertise with KekeAds

Over 500,000 motor tricycles (Keke) exist in Nigeria today

Visible advertising across major routes

Reach millions of commuters every month

Over 28 million vehicular and 50 million human traffic flow through the regions

Campaign can be adapted to offer different messages in multiple regions

Costs as little as N500 per month per Keke based on Notice-board rates

KekeAds is a unique advertising system providing an audience of over 880,000 uniquely captive potential customers every day

The KekeAds system provides access to captive audiences across various demographics – both vehicle passengers and road users

First platform to provide access to sales-based ROI that can be measured and tracked

Everyday, Millions of people are stuck inside and in traffic behind panels making them ideal captive customers.

Take your business on a tour with KekeAds.

Let people see your business wherever they are, as they commute daily

Work with fun loving and passionate people to promote your business

Our team will help you plan, create, and implement your campaign.

How KekeAds works!

Check below for simple steps on how to advertise your business with KekeAds


Decide the type of Advert you would like to run


Get in-touch with KekeAds team to get started


Get returns on your ad investment in terms of conversion

Many a small thing has been made LARGE by the right kind of advertising!

Mark Twain
American writer

KekeAds At A Glance

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Perfect Audience Targeting

Great Customer Service

Honesty & Integrity


Case Study

Discover how we helped one of our clients succeed with their advertising campaign




1066 Across 7 States


Back Panel SAV on perspex boards


The Emzor Brand was posed with the challenge of using the most effective means of advertising for brand publicity, which will also generate an increased profit margin.


KekeAds offered its innovative means of advertising to Emzor, to increase their brand reach and awareness levels. The campaign lasted for 3 months, created maximum publicity nationally and adequate increment in sales generation.


Maximum publicity and sales generation were achieved.

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