How We Run Ads

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Target Demographics: Mass market, Young professionals, Students, Traders & Artisans


On average, a new passenger boards a Keke every 2.5 mins

Each Keke runs on average for 12 hours per day, 6 days per week that is 288 pairs of eyes captivated by the inside panel every day per vehicle

Each vehicle ensures your message is seen and/heard by 6,912 people per month

Each campaign run on a minimum of 10 Keke’s per message/creative provides an audience of 69,120 pairs of eyeballs per month


Target Demographics (Mid to high end): HNIs / Car owners / Drivers / Pedestrians or General Public

Everyday, Millions of people are stuck in traffic behind panels making them ideal captive customers

The KekeAds is the largest form of transit media - essentially a moving billboard

Extensive and often exclusive reach across varying demographics including the most exclusive neighborhoods e.g. GRAs

The back panel of each Keke working along major routes has an audience of up to 280,000 pairs of eyeballs per day.

We Are Registered

We are the operators of a registered patent for Motor Tricycle Advertising with the patents and trademarks office.

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